Frank Greene, Esthetician & Massage Therapist

  • Frank Greene
    Massage Therapist

    Frank has embraced the pleasure of working and being part of the Lavender Retreat Wellness Club team. He is willing to lend his expertise and knowledge to make the unique experience of coming to the wellness club a warm and relaxed environment. He takes pride in providing outstanding services in skincare and massages. Each service is geared towards each individual to lend the ultimate care to enhance the personal goal set by the client. The overall goal is for each person to feel as if they have reached a higher level of relaxation and health.

    A native of Skipwith, Virginia, Frank has completed many courses in the services area such as, business, skincare, beauty and wellness. He is a Business Educator, Cosmetology Instructor, Skincare specialist and a massage therapist. He believes that you need to take care of all parts of your development to be the best that you can be and at the same time feel the best that you can feel. So, the goal of each session is to become one with yourself and enjoy the experience/s to where you can reach that level of relaxation and excitement.