Mary Phelps, Certified Nutrition Specialist

  • Mary Phelps
    Certified Nutrition Specialist

    Mary started on her wellness journey 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, Amenorrhea, hormone imbalance and PCOS, while competing as a Division 1 college athlete. After becoming frustrated with the limited options given to her by her doctors, she was determined to find another way.

    Starting with a lot of research on personal natural healing, she began a decade long journey to find the best ways to use diet and lifestyle changes, along with natural healing, to help those around her.

    She has since completed her Master's of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland's University of Integrative Health, the leading holistic health university in the US.

    As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, she has worked with hundreds of women and men of all ages to help combat chronic disease, reverse blood sugar dysregulation, increase fertility, balance hormones and promote overall health and well-being. Through these experiences, Mary believes even more today in the healing power of nature and the simple yet effective tools we have at our fingertips.

    Mary enjoys spending her down time hanging out with her husband and son, travelling with friends, listening to live music and cooking. She is so excited you are here and cannot wait to begin working with you.


    • Masters of Science of Nutrition and Integrative Health- Maryland University of Integrative Health

    • Certified Nutrition Specialist- Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists

    • Licensed Nutritionist- District of Columbia Licensing Board for Dietetics and Nutrition

    • Bachelor of Arts, Economics- Boston College