Patrick McClintock, Non-Profit and Public Activity Organizer

  • Patrick McClintock
    Non-Profit and Public Activity Organizer

    Patrick McClintock has joined the Lavender Retreat team to develop ties with the larger Capitol Hill neighborhood through educational workshops and events promoting wellness and community building. He has worked in these areas for over 20 years in DC and nationally. He is a founding board member of both the Capitol Hill Village and the charitable Collective of Ladies Arm Wrestling USA.

    Patrick began his work in DC in the late 1990's as a volunteer staff member at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, creating workshops that taught methods to reduce stress and related problems in settings such as senior centers and public schools. This work led to his establishing a massage program for homeless and addicted women at the N St. Village shelter, a program that was awarded National Honors by the American Massage Therapy Association and provided thousands of free massages for the women. He created a stress reduction program for HIV-positive women that was run by the Healthy DC Foundation. His cancer diagnosis three years ago brought him to the Washington Cancer Institute, and he has begun a project to train caregivers in the use of safe touch to relieve the symptoms of cancer treatments.

    In addition to traditional therapies, Patrick has trained in Western Shamanism and cross-cultural anthropology with Dr. Angeles Arrien and Dr. Michael Harner. He studies Tibetan Buddhism under the guidance of Lama Norlha Rinpoche and he and his wife Marilyn have hosted a Buddhist center at their home on the Hill since 2001. He has lectured on non-traditional medicine methods at the NIH.

    Patrick will lead workshops at Lavender Retreat on the use of safe touch by caregivers and cancer patients and free weekly meditation sessions. He will also use his experience as a world traveler to expand the Lavender Retreat travel program in new directions.