Reiki Massage Therapy

Reiki means universal energy or heavenly energy. It is a form of energy healing where concentration, visualization, and light static touch are used to help the recipient experience a healing transformation. Reiki is a spiritual practice, also known as Shen which is a central part of Chinese medicine. Reiki can be combined with shiatsu, acupressure or massage. It is essentially helpful with emotional balancing and for work on injured areas.

Pricing – Individual Massage Therapy Sessions

Regular Massages (Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Sport and Swedish massages):

50 minutes $115
80 minutes $155

Specialty Massages (All EXCEPT Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, and Swedish massages):

50 minutes $125
80 minutes $170
Hot Stone
(80 Minutes only)

Massage Therapy Sessions Packages

Groups of 5 or 10 Massage therapy sessions are available.
Massage therapy sessions can be substituted with Facials as part of a package.
Call us for pricing and additional information.

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