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  • Nancy P,

    I regularly see an acupuncturist in Ireland and when I was visiting Washington, DC I decided to try a session with Allison. In that one session, she managed to eliminate the pain at the base of my skull for years. Alison has a broad knowledge base, is highly skilled - and has an energizing personality. The experience was wonderful and I look forward to my appointment the next time I'm in town!

  • Chris B,
    Lake Ridge, VA

    A most pleasing and relaxing atmosphere, from the time you enter to the time you exit, you will experience all the benefits of an ultra-professional staff. I suggest you treat yourself today to a healthy, relaxing, yet invigorating massage at Lavender Retreat.

  • Chris Warner,
    Washington DC

    I travel widely outside of the US and have to say that Lavender Retreat compares with the best anywhere. The interior design and the rooms and finishings are outstanding and calming and soothing. The staff are extremely professional, courteous and helpful. You will return to enjoy tranquility and remain fit and healthy.

  • Kate,
    Woodbridge, VA

    Having attended Ladies Night and having also been in for both Quick Trip and hour massages, I walk in with a sense of heightened curiosity and walk out with one part of my curiosity pleasantly resolved and the other part increasing in expectation for a future visit.

  • Stephen H.,
    Montclair, VA

    I have had really severe back problems for several years; my pain-management doctor suggested a particular type of massage therapy as part of my recovery from recent spinal surgery. A trusted friend suggested this place and it has made a huge difference for me! The staff at Lavender Retreat is highly trained, with different therapists offering many different types of care. While it is certainly a treat for all the senses (as others indicate), for me there is direct medical benefit -- when Jack is through working me over, my neck and spine are stretched out instead of bunched up, my nerves are less inflamed, and my pain levels will be lower for a good week afterwards. You can really tell that the staff is fully committed to helping each client experience the maximum benefit; they care about you, which is rare these days, and it shows. The facility and everything in it are scrupulously clean, as well, which is important to me. I have no other experience in other massage places, but I can't imagine they could compare; Lavender Retreat is a 10 in every way.

  • Tasha Fuller,
    Woodbridge, VA

    Wonderful, Relaxing & Just what every hard working Mother/Woman needs. I recently hosted my Mocha Moms Night Out at Lavendar Retreat and Jaime and her staff managed every detail with perfection. The food was amazing the atmospher was just right and the massages left us wanting more. Jaime thank you so much for your hospitality, we will be back.

  • George Gounaris,

    What an amazing place to step into. The atmosphere is only bested by it's staff. It is a source of happiness and recovery that goes beyond the physical aspect of a massage. After i visit Lavender-retreat i feel like i need to hug every person that works there. The best part is that the feeling doesn't go away after i leave, my entire day is pleasant. The fact that there is a no tip policy simply allows me to empty my mind and enjoy true relaxation.

  • Autumn N.,
    Nokesville, VA

    Lavender Retreat is a wonderful hidden gem that I would have passed by. They are located in a group of buildings that is mostly doctors and dentists. Walking through the doors of this place is like walking into another world. A dark, quiet, peaceful place where all the colors are relaxing and match perfectly. I knew right from the start that this was going to be a great experience. I didn't make an appointment because I was just stopping by to check the place out. When I realized how high quality it was I immediately asked for an appointment and to my delight they were able to take me right away. First they took me through double glass doors to their lounge to fill out my information. A comfortable room filled with flat screen t.v.'s and comfy couches. I filled out my info and walked it back up to the counter. My masseuse was Sam Kline and he looked fresh out of massage school. He walked me back down the hallway which was filled with various closed doors. He lead me into a little room with a table in the middle and a nice chair in the corner. First thing I noticed after getting onto the table was that this guy really knows what he's doing! I was really impressed at how quickly he worked the pain out of my muscles. It was full head to toe with nothing left out except, well, you know what was left out, LOL! I can't explain it but my stress melted away and was left behind. Not that other massages weren't good but it's like there is something extra special about this place which helped drain all my stress off. They have multiple visit packages and I am going to sign up for their membership plans. I've been to several different massage places including ones on cruise ships. This place has to be the very best that I've ever been to!

  • Kelly,

    Lavender Retreat has such a wonderful atmosphere! It is so relaxing and offer the best customer service I have seen in long time. The therapists work magic on your muscles with their hands. It was a great experience and I have already booked two more appointments for the future:)!

  • Patrick Sedlak,
    Lakeridge, VA

    Wonderful with a truly superb staff - the entire place is reflective of relaxation and ease. Detailed care to each and every client. I brought my wife there and never had to ask how it was - the look on her face said it all - totally relaxed and feeling great. I could not recommend it any higher; definitely five stars.

  • Barbara

    When you first walk in you see the beautiful frosted glass panels that are reminiscent of shoji screens and the quiet atmosphere and uncluttered decor is instantly relaxing. Staff provide a wonderful experience from check-in till the time you leave. The massage therapist is excellent and is always ready for you when you arrive. I look forward to every visit to Lavender.

  • Kirk E. Johnson,
    Lake Ridge, VA

    Wow! was my first impression as I entered the main entrance... Just stepping into the lobby is a soothing experience... live plants, soft music, gentle lighting, exotic artwork of serene locations... Jaime spared no expense to create a holistic experience... Definitely more than a massage... Impress your closest relationships and best clients with a gift certificate... I did, and they became members of the Lavender Retreat Wellness Club, too.

  • Pat Thompson

    As soon as I walked into the receptiion area I felt calmer and at ease. The staff are all very attentive and the decore is fabulous! The experience was a learning one. I can say that now I can understand how important taking time for myself can be. The atmosphere with others was fun and geared to friendship. The music, wine, food and the massage was exceptional!

  • Keasha Lee,
    Lake Ridge, VA

    I am extremely happy that I scheduled a massage at Lavender Retreat. The atmosphere is classy and serene and the massage I received from Jack was the best I'd ever had. Jaime is fantastic and smart. Her concept for this oasis is superb and I look forward to returning again and again.

  • Rebecca,
    Stafford, VA

    No fuss, No frills... And that's exactly what I was looking for. I made an appointment at Lavendar Retreat in hopes of finding a massage therapist that could address my stressors and rid me of the pain caused by them. This particular place of business far exceeded my hopes and expectations! The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and inviting. The associates at the front desk were extremely kind and welcoming. I felt more at ease as soon as I arrived. The owner, Jaime, even greeted me and took interest in my hobbies and lifestyle. Then, Jack, my INCREDIBLE massage therapist, introduced himself and showed me to a quite and beautifully decorated waiting area where he offered me a beverage and had me fill out some information that would help clarify which massage techniques would be appropriate to my conditions. Jack was so professional and knowledgable. I have had many massages (if my math is correct, approximately 60). I have had swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, etc and this was the first I have ever actually felt the relief that lasted more than 24hrs. Jack was able to work out my tension without causing pain and he even stretched my muscles! I have never felt better! I highly suggest visiting the business and experiencing all of the wonderful benefits!

  • Mary,
    Lakeridge, VA

    The ambiance and the service are superb! I have had massages at various spa's and I have to say that they don't compare to the Lavender Retreat. You can tell that the staff truly cares for it's clients and you aren't another number which is so rare these days! Thank you especially to Jack - he comes highly recommended and truly puts your mind and body at ease! Thank you to Jaime for creating such a beautiful and peaceful place in the middle of a very fast paced and stressful world!

  • George Lima,
    Washington DC

    A visit to Lavender Retreat is a wonderful and relaxing getaway from the fast pace of everyday life. The space is tranquil and beautiful and the therapy rooms are very relaxing. The staff are responsive and accommodating of any requests. I love how they call to remind me about my appointments. I have had massages with Vance and Danielle and both are highly skilled and very professional. The membership option affords you the best of ongoing massage therapy treatments for a great value - that's why I am happy to drive there from DC. If you try Lavendar Retreat, you'll be very pleased with the service! -George Lima, Washington, DC

  • Kristina Dugan,
    Manassas, VA

    Lavender Retreat is simply otherworldy. I feel as though I am transported from my stressful work-a-day mindset to a space of serenity and healing. I am so grateful to have such an incredible, luxurious service in our community. Treat yourself to a massage. I promise, you will be amazed by the result: absolute, unadulterated peace of mind.

  • Dona Blackman,
    Woodbridge, VA

    If you are looking for a relaxing, tranquil and inviting place to enjoy a massage or a nutritional consultation, the Lavender Retreat is the place for you. Jaime and her staff ensure that your experience is memorable. Corporate organizations should consider adding Lavender Retreat to the list of benefit providers. Productivity could triple when the employee's mind, body and spirit are in balance.

  • Maria Dubeau,
    Lake Ridge, VA

    I don't have any major back or muscle problems but I did have a major case of STRESS. I had stress pinching up my shoulders, neck and back. Stress tightening my legs and feet. Stress fogging my brain and bringing my mood down. I decided to get a massage from Samuel; his massage was the perfect relief to my hectic life. It was like a little vacation; I still felt relaxed and rejuvenated the next morning at work. The moment I walked into Lavender Retreat, I started to relax. The interior decor is so inviting, and the waiting area is plush, lovely and comfortable. Everyone there is so soothing and attentive; I was in no rush to leave. Thank you to everyone at the beautiful Lavender Retreat, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Maria DuBeau

  • Beverly,
    Woodbridge, VA

    This is the perfect retreat from my hectic life! I went by yesterday and just sat down, had a cup of tea and had a conversation with a dear friend. Lavender Retreat is my go to place when I need to decompress.

  • Lee Ann,

    My first impression was WOW! This is the most relaxing atmosphere! The colors are beautiful, the music was soothing and the staff was friendly! My massage therapist was very kind, professional, and genuinely cared. Thank you Danielle it was awesome! Would definitley come again and would highly reccommend them to anyone!

  • Gerald Berg,
    Bethesda, MD

    Lavender was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As soon as I walked through the door, the tasteful decor and furnisihings gave me a warm feeling, which the staff's friendly greeting quickly reinforced. There were refreshments and current reading material in the waiting room and, as it turned out, interesting conversation with another guest. The massage was thorough and professional. When it was over, I felt as if every muscle in my body had been renewed. The people at Lavender planned every detail and did everything they could to make the visit there satisfying and memorable.

  • Amanda,
    Springfield, VA

    This was an absolutely amazing experience. I have been feeling stressed for a while, and I finally contacted this place based on the recommendation of a friend. The facility is clean and fresh, and the massage really seemed personalized to me. The therapist asked me exactly what is was I wanted, and really met every need. She helped to create the perfect atmosphere for me. The room was beautifully decorated and very inviting. It was no trouble at all to lay down and relax. I know I'm not the only one out there, but I sometimes feel a little awkward laying on a table wearing close to nothing. But not this time, the therapist talked to me like she was an old friend. I've had massages where the therapist just talks non stop, and it is hard to relax and enjoy the massage, but not here. She let me lead the conversation, and overall made the experience perfect. I felt like I was the only customer of the day. Overall, this was an absolutely amazing experience. The staff is amazing, the prices are more than reasonable, and the rooms are fantastic. If you want the chance to relax for a great price, come to Lavender Retreat. You will be treated like you are the only person in the world that matters!!!