Steven Perdomo, Massage Therapist

  • Steven Perdomo
    Massage Therapist

    For the first 5 years out of High School was in a constant state of limbo of what he wanted to be. It was turmoil between his body and higher self. Luckily, he trusted his higher- self when he received this intuitive pulse to extend his person in the intricate art of Healing - Getting acquainted with the wonder of Anatomy, the concept of energy exchange, homeopathy, and massage therapy was stimulating and though provoking to him. It changed his life indeed, and it will definitely change yours.

    He believes that by resetting the muscles you have fewer deviations in your skeletal system. This facilitates the process for optimum well-being. He includes any of the following modalities in his custom therapeutic massage: Active release technique, neuro-muscular, sports massage, acupressure, myo-fascial, Swedish and couples massage.